Reverse-Advent (and an ode to those who still have their Christmas lights up)

To those who still have their Christmas lights up...

I tip my hat to you. Because it’s not really until now, after the holiday insanity, that I can be ‘silent’ enough to enjoy Christmas. You bring joy to the bleakness and for you, I’m thankful. And you’re kinda quirky, which I really dig. 

(Yes, there’s one home on my 2-block dog walk that still has them hung and shining in their glory - lighted reindeer and all.)

Mid-January to mid-March is such a dreary chunk of time. Especially up north in the flyover states where I live. 

I think that, instead of Advent being BEFORE Christmas, it should be AFTER the 12 days. Extend the season in a more silent way, not DURING the madness, but AFTER it (I mean, who cares, it’s not like Advent is in the Bible or anything). I’m calling for a reverse-Advent. Let’s go full-blast from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then, after the 12 days, we’ll take down most of the Santas, stockings, talking electronic snowmen, etc. but we’ll leave the tree up with just a simple strand of lights. Maybe we’ll leave the garland up and the more subtle outdoor lights up until early February. That’s when we can be still and silent and embrace all of the Advent vibes. 

Reverse-Advent... That’ll shorten the dreary season a solid month or so. 

Just a little light in this duvet of darkness is all we need.

Grace & Godspeed,