Resurrection speaks last

There’s a lot of death around us right now (there’s always a lot of death around us - it just so happens to be front-and-center on the media in our current pandemical moment). 

However, it’s still Easter for several more weeks, according to the liturgical calendar. 

I think we Christians tend to focus on death too strongly.

You’ve heard it,
Jesus died for our sins.

Yes, death is a big deal in the Christian faith - no doubt about it. But if we stop at death, hell, everyone can (and will) die. That’s nothing special. What’s ‘special’ (to our mortal eyes) is resurrection. 

Without resurrection,
the Christian faith is nothing.

But of course, there is no resurrection without death. 

Death doesn’t have the last word, friends.
Not now.

In Christ,
resurrection speaks last.

I pray that as spring springs, we’ll see traces of the resurrection everywhere. 

But as it’s written in the story about the road to Emmaus,
a resurrected Christ looks unrecognizable
on the other side of the grave.

So we can’t look for the same things
in our post-pandemic world
as signs of life
that we did before. 

On the other side of death,
all is made new.


Grace & Godspeed,