Questions + Opinions: Spring 2020


You asked and I answered - I mean, opined:) Thanks to everyone who added their questions to the conversation. It was a lot of fun.

The questions I addressed are below with (approximate) timestamps should you want to jump around.

  1. (1:10) I know God is with us through our suffering but really - the scale of Covid-19? Where are You God? Has this world You lovingly created fallen so far that this is a sign of sorts? But the ones that suffer most are the vulnerable ones, not the cream at the top.

  2. (7:05) So much of the new testament (I believe), is symbolistic and can be interpreted so that it is relevant to what is going on in our daily lives even in 2020 but some of it I truly struggle with. I grew up and brought my children into the Lutheran church but presently go back and forth between you and Swedenborgian Christianity, both of which I respect greatly. Is it OK to wobble a little with different internal beliefs about what it's like in the afterlife and what our purpose here on earth is?

  3. (11:45) How do you reconcile the judgmental God of the Old Testament with the loving God of the New Testament?

  4. (18:40) I know you're a big fan of the Revised Common Lectionary. I never knew about it but I think it's a great tool. Is that what you use for daily readings? Do you have any specific practices/routines you engage in daily in your walk with God? I'm always interested to hear the rhythms people build into their lives.

  5. (28:00) Tell me about your conversion from more secular spirituality to Lutheran Christianity.

Links from the show:

God and the Pandemic by N.T. Wright

Blessed Broken Given by Glenn Packiam

On Being a Theologian of the Cross by Gerhard O. Forde

Where God Meets Man by Gerhard O. Forde

Centering Prayer Course by ME!

Grace + Godspeed,