Vlog: Q&A Early Fall 2021

My first YouTube vlog

I’ve done plenty of videos on YouTube where I sat in front of a camera and talked. But this is the first one I’ve done in a very long time where I’ve filmed b-roll, incorporated music, edited, etc.

My apologies for this Q&A taking so long. I was supposed to have it to you this summer, which didn’t happen. The good thing is, I’ve learned a lot making this video and I look forward to making more.

The questions I opined on were:

  • "What are your thoughts on biblical marriage?"

  • "What are your thoughts on prayer and free will?"

  • "What do you make of the places in scripture where Jesus damns people?"

In Comfort and Joy,

P.S. If it shows up grainy on your screen, you may need to hit the little gear icon in the bottom right of the video and turn the resolution up to 1080p HD.