Permission to Ignore

If you’re going about your day and you run across a viewpoint that you deem ignorant or even downright wrong - I want to offer you something. 

I want to grant you permission (for what it’s worth)...

Permission to (ready for it - drumroll, please...)

Ignore it.

I know. Ignoring isn’t something we do much these days. Especially on social media. It’s so easy to digitally get mixed up in a war of words that seem so important but that, in the end, benefits no one.

You don’t have to invest one minute of your precious time and emotional energy in these things. Even if everyone you know if joining in. You don’t have to claim your identity in opposition to it. You don’t have to add fuel to the fire. 

Go ahead and ignore it.
Your identity rests in God and is safe and secure forever.
No matter how much the haters hate.  

Now, sometimes you can’t ignore it and then you have to deal with it. For what it’s worth, permission is granted there too. But these days, especially online, most scuffles are attention traps that tarnish the soul and ruin relationships (with self and others). 

Get across a real table and do your talking there. 

Turns out, that conversation is totally different. 

Grace & Godspeed,