Passing the Mic: Pandemical Lament

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a community thread. So I want to pass the mic to you tonight. Here’s the prompt…

Give me your deepest and most honest lament.

(Here’s a good one for an example.)

No need to sugar coat it. No need to end on a positive note. Let God have your most guttural lament - whatever that is for you.

Sloppy is fine. It’s okay to cuss. Spit. Stutter. It doesn’t even have to be prayer/psalm-like. It can just be you going on a bit of a rant.

Or, make it refined and poetic and make the rest of us look bad:)

However you want to do it, lament. It’s one of the most ancient ways we work through times like these.

God can take it. And you and I - we need it.

Grace & Godspeed,