[Pass The Mic] How were your holidays?

I just got back home to Chicago last night from two weeks in rural Northern California where I was visiting family and friends (looking forward to getting back into the routine of things). I wrote a bit about it here along with some thoughts about family dynamics. But today, I want to pass the mic to you all... 

How did your holidays go this year? What were some frustrating/traumatic moments? What were some magical moments? What were some moments that snuck up and surprised you and/or changed your perspective on life? Did you learn something about someone that deepened your relationship with them? Was it bluer than normal? Merrier? 

Feel free to reflect in the comments below. You can answer the question(s) above directly and/or you may be inspired to riff about something closely related.

Oh, but first...

We’re all adults here, but to keep things clean, here are some community guidelines that we’ll all benefit from sticking to (I totally stole these from Sarah Bessey):

  • Assign positive intent to one another. We have compassion for the ones who are not in the same place as us, recognizing and honoring each other’s unique starting places and journeys. We value this as a hospitable space. Compassionately calling “towards,” never “calling-out” or "canceling.”

  • Vulnerability takes courage. Honor this.

  • Speak from your experiences.

  • Be respectful, kind, and compassionate to one another. Discussion and different perspectives and disagreements are more than welcome; bullying, shaming, piling-on, or name-calling is not. Respond as if you are face-to-face.

  • We will not allow disrespectful comments/posts about race, religion, denomination, culture, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, political affiliation, or identity.

  • Be trustworthy. Some sensitive personal things are shared here: what is discussed in this group must remain in this group.

  • We do not allow MLM, fundraising, outside affiliate links, or self-promoting posts. These responses will be removed.

Okay - go for it! I’ll pop in when I can and where is relevant. Just click that brown button below and it’ll take you into the thread…

Looking forward to seeing the conversation unfold.

Grace & Godspeed,