On this eve

Being that it’s Christmas Eve and we’re flying out to visit family in rural Northern California, I wanted to sign off here for a week (or so) as I ring in the new year with loved ones out west. It’ll be nice to see the mountains and stars again (though I’m sure I’ll be itching to get back to city life towards the end of the trip - as usual).

In case your Christmas isn’t so merry and bright (or you know someone for whom this is the case), I wanted to share this wonderful article with you from my friends at the Raven Foundation.

Christmas is not just for the happy, for those secure in material comforts, or for those strong in faith.

Christmas is for the lonely. Christmas is for the heartbroken. Christmas is for the poor. Christmas is for those whose hope is dwindling or depleted.

Because Christmas is about the God who knows the depths of our pain.

Christmas is about the God who didn’t belong, who came to renew this world so that all would belong.

May this find you warm and well both inside and out this Christmas Eve…

Grace & Godspeed,

P.S. On a funnier/cheerier note (because we must end with the good news), here’s an elf that was spotted in Chicago:)