On our independence

As a parent, a big part of my job is to help my daughter become more and more independent so she can, one day, live without having her mom and me under the same roof. I’m a human and I can only be around for so long.

(Sniff, sniff.)

God has the opposite desire for us. God wants our independence of God to LESSEN.

I know… This sounds a lot like a codependent relationship. It’s the stuff our therapists warn us about. But I think that’s a human thing. I don’t think this kind of toxic relationship can happen between the Creator and the created.

God’s whole MO is to show us how much more abundant life is when we know the truth - that God is the first and only mover in our lives. Always was. Always will be.

Yes, we can forget this. We can be too proud or self-important to allow God to play a conscious role. (Well, maybe God can be a helper - but any more than that encroaches on our freedom, right?*).

But God is adamant. God will kinda do whatever God has to do to get us there. God knows that the human soul flourishes when it’s utterly dependent on its divine creator. To the ego, this sounds like bondage. But to the soul, this is freedom.

It’s too bad that humans have to be driven to their knees to surrender to this truth.

Grace + Godspeed,

*Heavy sarcasm there if ya didn’t pick up on that:)