On being claimed

Human maleficence (sin) is a thing we all live with. We’re all one bad moment away from the unthinkable. No one is above this. 

I don't see the Christian faith as a way to abolish sin. I don't think we can get so "good at Christianity" that sin goes away. 

The Christian faith is all about what claims us. 

In faith, we are claimed by Christ. Sin still CLINGS as it always will, but it doesn't CLAIM us any longer. 

In faith, we’re deeply aware of our sin yet we trust in a love that knows and names us in spite of it. 

In our baptism, we are claimed and moved by something bigger than the maleficient human ego. 

May you, dear friend, be claimed and named by the One who abounds in steadfast love, endless mercy, radical grace, and unfailing forgiveness. 

Now and forevermore. 

Grace + Godspeed,