Okay, Lent... You win.

I had no idea that Lent was going to be so… Lenten. 

I have a hard time with Lent when we’re NOT in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Reflecting so intensely on our mortality between Ash Wednesday and Easter is so… Blugh… 

But now - wowza - Lent is REAL. It’s visceral. Unignorable - even for the ‘healthiest’ of us. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed, though…

This year, Lent doesn’t seem like merely an inconvenience or a liturgical bummer before the gaiety of Easter. 

It feels…

The thing we’re living through now is an outward sign of an inner spiritual truth: We are among the living. We are mortal. We come from dust and will return to dust. This thing called human life is temporary and oh so fragile (always - not just in Lent or during pandemics).

But I’m thankful that Spring comes no matter what.

This cycle of death and renewal is baked into life itself. 

The coming of spring isn’t up to us.
It just shows up one day.
And all is made new. 

It’s all so heavy.
But also so sacred. 

Grace & Godspeed,