More of an upward grasp than a downward fall

I don’t tweet much. I mostly just like and re-tweet other people’s stuff. But the other day, I listened to a podcast on the way to seminary (I listen to a lot of podcasts these days since I have a 90-minute train ride each way - three days a week) and HAD to tweet this quote out that I heard…

Hoff points out something profound here...

See, a lot of us think of sin as a stooping-low (“gutter-style”) action (you can fill in the blanks for what sins you’re thinking about right now). But this isn’t the kind of sin portrayed in the garden of Eden. In the garden, Adam reaches UP to get the fruit in order to ontologically reach even HIGHER to be like God.

This “fall” wasn’t as much a stooping as it was a delusional form of hubris that broke the bond with God and got human consciousness evicted from the garden.

This reminded me that sin was a far different animal than I long thought it was.

Grace & Godspeed,