Mirrors of the human situation

If we see biblical characters as shining models of faith (like they teach in Sunday school), our theology can become problematic. We can start holding ourselves and our neighbors to an ungodly high standard.

It’s a heavy burden trying to live like a shining example of anything let alone spiritual excellence or morality.

As I read these stories, it’s obvious that the biblical characters are not (!) models of faith. Not one... Not Noah. Not Abram/Abraham. Not Sarai/Sarah. Not David. Not Paul. I could go on (and on). I’ve never read these stories before now at the ripe age of 41 as I go through seminary.

The biblical characters aren’t shining models of faith. They’re mirrors of the human situation.

They’re the flawed human clay that God uses to mold God’s story with and through - just as we are. The crescendo of that story is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a Covenant that renewed the relationship between the human and the divine as it was in the beginning.


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