Looking for the helpers

‘Tis crazy times. There’s a lot of pandemonium and chaos in the air right now. This might not have been so bad when I was younger and single. But now, with a kiddo, the urgency of the situation is magnified exponentially.

Right now is a good time to bring to mind what the indefatigable Mr. Fred Rogers said about times of uncertainty (I know this is totally cliche for some of you hardcore Mr. Rogers fans out there, but its profundity cannot be denied)…

Image result for mr rogers look for the helpers

Yep… Now’s a good time to look for the helpers. They’re doing their thing now and I know that, as this thing goes on, more and more will join them.

Maybe it’ll be you. Maybe it is you. Either way, I look forward to seeing what you, we, and/or they do.

Grace & Godspeed,