Is God threatened by reality?

Apparently, some people think that finding out about life forms on other planets would be devastating to the Christian faith.

I guess that some Christians see it this way. But here’s where I go with it… If I read an official headline that announced that there were aliens on other planets, I’d have to respond…

Wooooow. How cool.

And then I’d pour another cup of coffee and go on with my day.

Because here’s the thing…

If your faith is threatened by something - anything - that’s true, then it wasn’t really faith to begin with.

I’ve learned this over the years…

God is always ahead of us.
God is always showing us that God is bigger (and smaller) than we think.
God is always breaking open our old conceptions of the divine
to take us even deeper into the endless mystery of life
and what it means to be human.