Imagine what you might realize

Imagine what you might realize
if you poured a cup of coffee,
turned on some Mozart,
and sat down at your dining room table
without your phone
while staring out the window
for a solid hour
just being there
and letting the world around you
speak to you.

I did this the other day... It was one of those rare weekend days when nothing was on the docket for the day but hanging around the house, cleaning some stuff, hanging up a couple of mirrors that have been laying around for a month, fixing up some things. Between the tasks, the opportunity arose to just... Sit. And stare. And be. I’m sure my wife and daughter thought I was losing my mind. But it was great. 

It wasn’t easy, though... I had to ward off the urge to reach for my phone - get that instant hit of dopamine from new information - a time or two. But when that addictive longing subsided, I was... There. 

Okay, I didn’t do it for an hour. Maybe 15-20 minutes. But it felt like stealing. How dare I not fill up every moment with busyness of some sort - useful or not. After shrugging those thoughts off (it’s amazing how hard the ego fights), I drank it in. 

Drank in my okayness. Sat in the space of not having to justify my existence for a small chunk of time. 

Think of what might’ve happened if I sat there for an hour. That’s just dangerous, right there.

As Ever,