I miss you!

Gaaaaah! I know, it’s been a week since I last wrote. The family and I have had a few things going on this last week or so…

  • Moving into a new (older) house…

  • Getting our daughter started at a new school (online)…

  • Starting full-time seminary (Greek class is going to kill me)

  • Entering my wife’s buuuuusy season (she’s in college admissions counseling and this is her peak season)

I’ve had zero time to sit down and write. However, all of our stuff is in this old house (my favorite show on PBS when I was a kid) and we’re voraciously moving things out of boxes and onto shelves.

We have a lot more room here in the Sierra Valley than we did in Chicago, for sure. And the best part, we have a real-life woodburning stove (!!). I stacked my firewood today and am SOOOO looking forward to lighting that baby up on a snowy day.

It truly is the little things.

So… Give me a few more days (give or take) and I’ll be back at it. Maybe not every single day, but at least a couple/few days a week.

I have this piece about liminal spaces that I look forward to sharing with you. Our world has been in a liminal space since spring. On top of that, on a personal level, my family has also been in a liminal space as we’ve moved across the country (totally unexpectedly), I started a new seminary, Rory has started at a new school, etc.

I like liminal spaces, but this is nuts.

I look forward to getting settled here. And I look forward to writing to you as soon as I physically can.

Many thanks for your patience. I truly hope this finds you joyful and well. Until next time…

Grace + Godspeed,

P.S. Notice that I didn’t mention the unspeakable embarrassment of a global event that many of us witnessed last night. I have no words at the moment besides this… God is bigger than any politician. Onward and upward, friends. Amen.