How are you wired?

I can’t tell you why I need to write…

Or why there’s nothing I enjoy more than reading and drinking coffee for hours on end. 

I can’t tell you why I live for highlighting those sentences and phrases that are… Perfect. 

It’s an ecstatic feeling to see something that I’ve been wrestling with put into clear words. To see my brain organized neatly on the page before me.

And when those kinds of electric thoughts hit me, it pains me - like, on a physical level - to not write them down and share them with everyone I can.

I, friends, am a writer. No, not everyone has this reaction to the written word. Not everyone is like me. 

Not everyone is like you. 

What makes your soul sing? What things send those juicy good electrical signals through the wiring of your being?

It’s a miraculous thing, really.