Hide self-view

What would happen if, when you walked into your classroom, office, boardroom, yoga class (or any other group environment during these pandemical times), and in front of each of you in the class was a big mirror. What would happen?

That’s right. Everyone would be looking at themselves. 

Well, this is what Zoom is like. Everyone is looking at themselves rather than what’s going on in the class - I know I am! (Sorry, I’m taking 7 online classes right now, so this is why Zoom is such a big deal for me these days).

This is why the ‘hide self-view’ setting is so great (just click on the three dots in your photo box and select ‘hide self-view’). Sure, make sure your head fits in the frame of the screen first. But then, take that big digital mirror in front of you down. 

Come to think of it, we’d be better humans if we could turn the inner “self-view” off. During most of my day, I’m most definitely focused entirely on myself. What if I could turn my self-obsession off and turn my view outwards towards my life and those in it instead? 

The possibilities are endless. 

P.S. And also, the chat feature on Zoom is a horrible idea, especially in a learning environment. If we were in class together, we couldn’t just carry on an entire side conversation during class, right? Or, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to just start teaching the class parallel to the professor. Like, that would be disruptive. (Yep… I’m that guy. The rabidly studious 40-something-year-old in class. Kids these days… I swear.)