Getting past the call-to-action

I was talking to a friend today about how being a modern blogger has been both a blessing and a curse when it comes to practicing writing sermons.

On the blessing side, it’s taught me how to write conversationally, emotionally, and clearly.


The thing that drives modern blogging is a strong call-to-action (CTA). Being that my origin is from the blogosphere (do people still say that?) of spiritual self-help, the CTA is a takeaway or pithy to-do about how to improve yourself.

We LOVE CTA’s (I know I do)! Give me the 5 steps or - even better - the ONE THING I can do to live more betterer:) Heck yes, shortcuts are awesome! The best thing about CTA’s is that they make us feel in control.

But here’s the thing about the way of Christ…

It reveals that I (I being the ego) is not in control. Any sense of control feels really amazing and productive in the short-term, but life constantly proves that there’s always more going on than we think. When you get down to it, no matter how many CTA’s I follow, life will always bring me to the end of myself.

The Christian way is not one of micro improvements or pithy takeaways. It’s one of self-emptying. The sooner I realize that God does her best work outside of my egoic control, I can stop placing such a strong emphasis on what I do and don’t do. I can release my grip on self-control and relax knowing that God is at work in my life in ways that I could never imagine.

When I stop, God can start.

That, my friend, is hopeful.
Terrifying, but hopeful:)

Grace & Godspeed,