From the Mouth of a Fellow Sinner

Yes, you can read the Bible alone under a shade tree. And you can get a lot out of it. I highly recommend it. It’s meditative. A nice experience, indeed.

But you… Me… We can’t apply the gospel promise to ourselves. Just doesn’t work that way.

We can’t forgive and free ourselves under the promise of God’s conditional love. That requires the spoken words of another sinner.

This is what some (me included) say that the role of a priest (/preacher, pastor, minister, reverend, etc.) is, to be the fellow sinner distributing the gospel promise.

The priest… 
A fellow sinner, 
freeing other sinners 
through the gospel promise 
in the name of Christ.

Funny how much this role, in our culture, has changed.

Grace + Godspeed,