Freedom vs Independence

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In the world (especially in the US), freedom is equated with independence. I am free when I can be a self-functioning and independent individual.

When the child moves into adolescence and becomes aware of the oppressive religion of her youth, freedom is independence from that thing when she finally escapes it. In her mind, freedom is independence from God.

First of all, we must assume that her religion was likely not a gospel-centric one (or, at least, it didn’t hit her heart that way). It was likely based on God-as-law. On Jesus as the cosmic rule keeper and guilt tripper. 

And so, yes… If that’s the case, her independence from THAT was indeed freedom. 


We all need something to run to, not just run from. This is where the gospel comes in.

The gospel promise in Christ beckons and enfolds us beautifully broken and perfectly flawed humans. The hound of heaven chases after us and brings us home. We think we are independently running to it, but in fact, we are just fish in its net being pulled through the water.

In God’s economy freedom doesn’t come through our independence from God. 

In the Christian sense, freedom comes
from being more and more
dependent and reliant
on the unearnable, undeservable
unconditional, and unrelenting
grace and mercy
of God as is promised
through Christ. 

In the ego’s world,
we find bondage 
in independence
from God.

In Christ,
we find our freedom
in our dependence
in God.

Grace + Godspeed,