Free to be you

How can you be free to be the person God created you to be?

You get over the unconsciously ego-created conflict with God. The bad news is, this doesn’t just come through insight or right thinking. If only it were so easy.

The only way to get there is through the cross. Our best efforts only bring us to the foot of the cross. It’s a messy process that involves the stark realization that we are out of control. God has used the law to kill the egoic self. But, the good news is, it’s not the end. Through grace, Christ’s being is imputed to us and we are made new. The conflict is done. Over.

From Christ’s end, it’s a one-and-done thing. The conflict has already been resolved before you and I were born. 

But on our side of things, we need constant reminders; most of which don’t take root. 

Here’s where God’s faith for us comes in…

It is done.
There is no more conflict.
No need to keep score
with your(best)self
or anyone else.

Go in peace
and enjoy the freedom
to be yourself.

Grace + Godspeed,