Does Too Much Love Lead Us to Evil?

People get reeeeeally nervous when pastors preach God’s grace and unconditional love.

Wait! You can’t just tell them that God loves them no matter what they’ve done or how bad they’ve messed things up! If you do that, they’ll go out and do more nefarious deeds! They have to know they’re bad so they stop! Bad people - bad!

But in our heart of hearts, we know it ain’t true. No one who TRULY feels God’s love goes out and commits acts that hurt themselves or someone else. 

This being said, I don’t know if it’s possible to NOT forget God’s love, at least from time to time - especially when we get ourselves into all of the messes that we do (unless it’s just me). I don’t need a preacher to condemn me - I do this to myself plenty. The last thing we want is a world where people go around believing the accuser within (Satan). 

I’d rather be reminded of the love that springs up at the root of my being on Sunday. 

This is the water that gives new life. 

Grace & Godspeed,