Complete the turn

Walter Wink said that atheism is a first step toward true worship. Atheism is, at its core, the rejection of an idol. A non-God. It is a form of repentance (a change, or a turn in heart/mind away from) a ‘church-God’ or a ‘Bible-God’).

I think this is fantastic. But here’s the issue...

The turning-awayness or repentance of atheism is only a half turn. The turn must be completed by a turn toward something that brings new life. Toward something that redeems, restores, and renews us in the darkest moments as well as in our joys. In other words, true faith.

Turning away from an idolatrous God is a good thing. But if you stop halfway, you’ll merely turn to the idolatrous ways of the world. To secular religiosity.

You’ll turn to work and make work your god. You’ll turn to politics and make politics your god. You’ll turn to money and make money your god.

I’m afraid that all that awaits there is more idolatry.