Clinging to Self

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Here’s my inner dialogue more often than not…

Hey, God… Sorry to bug ya. I just need a little help here. Now, don’t worry… I’ll get out of your hair when you get me over this hump here. Just a little nudge and I should be good. Sorry for putting you out, God.

There it is, case in point… It’s easy to slip into thinking that God’s job is just to get us back on our own two feet. We’ll take it from there.

The spiritual discipline here isn’t to prove to God that we can do life ourselves (with just a little help sometimes). Or to just do a few good things in order to appease God and get God off our backs, so to speak.

We must surrender clinging so tightly to our own individual competency so we can receive God’s unending grace.

The spiritual principle is to lean MORE on God, NOT LESS.

God is infinite.
God is… God
For Christ’s sake:)

This isn’t about proving to God our own competency, it’s to surrender our own competency in order to receive God’s grace.

Grace + Godspeed,