Bringing back the daily(ish) blog

[Psssst… This post is a useful one as far as your email frequency is concerned. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip straight to the important stuff by scrolling down to the section titled ‘The Important Stuff]

A little while back, I announced that I was pumping the brakes on the daily blog and went to a 2-3 day a week posting schedule. I was deeply overwhelmed with seminary work and just didn’t have the brain space or the time to make room for a daily posting on top of textbook reading and writing looooong theological papers.

Well, these days, I have a little more room for the blog. And, frankly, I miss the daily postings. I always do when I go away from that format. For whatever reason, it just... Works for me. I enjoy the heck out of it, I really do.

I planned to shift into daily mode today. AND THEN, just like that, it was announced that my daughter’s school would be closed for 2 weeks due to a COVID spike (yes, we live in a rural area where vaccination rates are down, people have never been big on masks, etc.).


Like so many parents across the world this last year, the role of ‘school teacher’ has been added to my vocational workload.

It’s okay, really. We’re blessed that my wife and I largely work remotely and can have some flexibility to be with our daughter when an impromptu school closure hits us without notice. But I do wonder about the people who can’t. What about the single mom or dad who has 2 jobs he or she squeezes in during the school day? Are they just supposed to forego that income for 2 weeks? I guess so…

Ugh… Okay, rant over… Where was I?…

The important stuff

So, anyhow... I’m really wanting to post daily-ish blogs again. I may need to gradually work back up to that frequency. But some of you might not want that many emails from me.

That’s why I want to show you how to adjust your settings. The way things are, you’re subscribed to everything. But if you want, you can opt out of my daily-ish posts and stay opted in for a ‘Weekly Compendium’ (that is only sent out on Sunday nights).

Here’s how to customize your email settings…

If you go to the bottom of any email I send you, you’ll see a small ‘unsubscribe’ link. Looks like this:

If you click that link, it’ll take you to your email settings. This is where you can subscribe and/or unsubscribe from any and all emails I send you. It looks like this:

You can change your settings whenever and however you want. And that’s it. Pretty simple.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Either reply to the email this post shows up in or email me at

In Comfort + Joy,

P.S. I know, I promised you a Q&A video. But I hit some snags in the editing process. It’s getting there! This is my first real foray into the vlogging space and I’m learning a lot (in other words, it’s not easy - but soooo worth it). I hope to have it out to you soon.