Both Oppressor and Oppressed

In Christ, God’s love extends
to both the oppressor
and the oppressed

It’s grace all around.
The radical message of the gospel promise.

God’s love moves swiftly towards the oppressed, for sure. But if God’s Love stops short of the oppressor’s heart, we have no hope.

I’m not saying that we all need to be nice to oppressors.
No way.
Human law is an excellent way to stop oppressors.
We need more of that.
We’re human. Not God.

But also - God’s grace is the only thing
that softens the heart of the oppressor
and turns them, in love
towards their neighbors.

We must always remain open
for this to happen.

And here’s the catch…

The line between oppressor and oppressed
runs directly down the middle
of the human heart.

Which means we’re all in need of grace. 

Grace + Godspeed,