Blessed are the compromised

I complained a little bit (seriously, just a little bit) last night about having to now be a “homeschool teacher” on top of everything else with Rory home from school. Yes, it’s a totally privileged thing to say, but it’s real. And it’s amazing how many parents out there are in the same boat.

Teachers everywhere have got to be loving this, btw... They think they’re so smart… They think they can do my job. Well, there ya go. Let’s see whatcha got, moms and dads.

Sweet revenge for so many teachers:)

No! We need you! Gaaaah!!

So I caught myself complaining about my/our lot last night and I just want to take a moment to count my damn blessings. Both Alex and I are extremely fortunate to be able to be home with her during this time. I’ve hit the cosmic lottery being able to enter seminary full-time at 40 and that I don’t have to work in the coal mines like my grandfather did.

(Thanks, Alex❤️ Yes, she supports this family on her income alone as mine makes up about 5% of what we actually need to pay our monthly bills, eat, and go out to dinner every once in a while.)

We’re blessed that Rory goes to a school that easily adapts to online learning. She gets to Zoom with her class at least twice a day (today, they did show-and-tell and it was dadburn adorable).

No, we’re not independently wealthy with a team of nannies at the ready. But in many ways, we’re out-of-this-world fortunate as are many people that I know who are in our situation.

Tonight, I want to speak a blessing on those in a far more compromised situation than we are... I speak a blessing to the clerks, shelf-stockers, street-workers, runaways, delivery drivers, houseless, refugees, medical professionals, caregivers, and - holy shit - SINGLE WORKING PARENTS who are now having to provide full-time care for their kids on top of their jobs (even if they are fortunate enough to be able to work from home).

I have no idea… You astonish me and I pray that there is a special place in both this world and heaven for all of you. I also pray that you don’t have to do this alone. Yet I also know that there are many who have no other option.

Blessings be to you…
The compromised.

Grace & Godspeed,

P.S. Yeah, I changed the name of this here publication to Table Talk again. It’s just… Right. In so many ways. Okay, onward and upward - hope you’re hanging tight and hunkering down with vigor.