Birth, death, and ritual

Birth, death, and ritual... Just three of the many things that women have handled with graceful prowess for thousands of years.

Midwives and doulas go back to the beginning of time. Prior to the Civil War, care of the sick and recently deceased was largely done at home by women.

And then us men came along. We sterilized and credentialized these things. Gotta have special certificates (sold and proctored by men, of course) in order to perform these things, legally (in the eyes of mostly male judges).

Men, we have no idea. We’re out of our league in these realms on the soul level. We’ve just taken over out of sheer power and dominance over the last number of centuries.

I pray that women can take back what’s been theirs since time immemorial. We men have so much to learn.

Grace & Godspeed,