Being strong only goes so far

I know you want to be strong. And you probably are. In many ways.

You might think it’s up to you to be strong for your family, friends, co-workers, congregants, employees, etc. Maybe you think that if your strength falters even one bit, everything you have will be lost. 

I feel you. And I see you.

But that shit just isn’t sustainable. 

You have to allow yourself to cry into a damn pillow for at least a little bit at some point. It behooves you to trust-fall back into something bigger - something more - than just yourself (though it’s also nice to have faith in yourself too) that has somehow kept you alive (in the face of insurmountable odds your whole life - seriously, it’s a miracle that any one of us are alive today) and sustained you since you took your first breath. 

If this doesn’t seem possible or realistic right now, I get it. Seriously. Carry on, friend. It’s merely a suggestion. An invitation, if you will.

Maybe try it on for a day? Or a week? 

Worth a shot?

Grace & Godspeed,