As the bar raises...

When this pandemic first struck, I saw a lot of grace and mercy in the world.

The bar was lowered for everyone. “We’re all in this together” was the vibe as the weight of the pandemic bore down on the world. 

Of course, cracks in that started to expand and our human inequities were exposed (not a surprise), but still - people were generally nice to each other on the internet for a week or two! I know, crazy!

A lot of folks - even the shrewdest capitalistic institutions - have been showing a sense of grace (much thanks to laws, of course, that have halted evictions, foreclosures, late fee penalties, disconnections, etc.). 

But soon, this pandemic will soften. Or, at least, people will venture back out into the world rather it ‘softens’ or not. We’re already seeing signs of this now. Things will eventually get ‘better’ and ‘back to normal’ pandemic-wise. 

And this is what I’m concerned about. 

When bills become due again, laws lift, and evictions happen in droves. When the stimulus money dries up and people are left to grab those bootstraps and tug again.

As things get ‘better’, human mercy has been known to dry up.

The bar will be raised again. Landlords will evict again. Workplaces are opening back up, even as conditions aren’t safe to do so. School is still closed and corporate offices are opening back up. Vulnerable bus drivers are being met with a bigger hoard of people filling up their busses again.

People will soon stop being okay with our daughter running around in the background of our zoom calls.  

The bar is already starting to raise, both for ourselves and others.   

Christ, have mercy. 

May we all have continued grace
on ourselves and others
as and long after
this pandemic lifts.  

Grace + Godspeed,