Anxious-scrolling through it all

I’ve been anxious-scrolling way too much throughout this pandemic…

Scroll, scroll, scroll…
What’s happening now?

I’ll check the news. Then the stock market (which is weird because I only have about $4 in the stock market - and that was at the beginning of this thing). And then I’ll check social media. Email inboxes. And then repeat.

Since we’re home all day, it’s scroll, scroll, scroll. Each thumb-swipe seems so urgent. There’s a little itch in my brain that needs to be scratched by the anxious-scroll.

New news stories (which I don’t read the entirety of because the headline is enough to scratch my inner itch) and notifications feel like amazing accomplishments when we’re in this relatively powerless state.

And so, a quick prayer for all of us anxious-scrollers…

God, take this away from us, this yearning to anxious-scroll. We can’t take much more of the barrage of amygdala-triggering content that the world is offering up. Seal our frayed nerves and put our thumbs to rest allowing us to savor each moment in this gift called life. And sustain us in our hour of need.


Grace & Godspeed,