[Q&A] Always Working

Just a simple note of encouragement for you this fine Saturday evening…

No matter how religious or spiritual you are or aren’t. No matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you’ve tried to be. Whether you know it or not… God is, always was, and will always be working through your life.

And not just when you are consciously ‘doing good things’ (which always have selfish motivations - but I digress…). God doesn’t just work through your life when you’re doing racial reconciliation work, writing letters to armed service members, or feeding the hungry.

God was working through your life when you were flipping burgers at Wendy’s in high school and cheating on your SAT’s.

God uses - and has used - all of it. Without even asking you.

In Comfort & Joy,

P.S. If you missed my LIVE Q&A from last week, click here to view it. Topics discussed were…

  • Heretic hunting

  • Finding our identity

  • My creative process

  • Bondage of the will

  • And more!!