Always becoming

And because God’s love is restless
like the surging of the sea,
we are pulled by heaven’s dynamic
to become, not just to be.

- Celtic Prayer ‘Iona Abbey Worship book

I think we all have proverbial carrots that we dangle out in front of ourselves that point to a sense of completion…

Once I get that job, I’ll be set.

Once I get x amount into the savings account, I can relax.

Once our kid is a little older, I can sleep better (btw, not true).

Once I do x amount for y person/people, our relationship will be healed.

I could go on. You get the point. We’re looking for a sense of doneness. A certain point of arrival where we can just… Be.

The Celtic prayer above points to a deep truth of the human condition.

We are always becoming. 

The divine always pulls us forward. God is going somewhere and is taking us along whether we want to go or not. We will never just… Be.

Life is not static. Ever. We don’t just get to a certain place and then… Stop. 

Life is dynamic. When we try to force things into a place where they’re just forever okay - we fight the movement of the universe and we always lose. Things never seem to turn out well for the idle rich.

As much as we might want to reach a place where we can finally just hang out and be comfortable for the rest of our days, that’s not reality. That’s disillusioned utopian thinking.

The call is forward. Onward. Whether we want it to be or not. 

May as well lean into the turns, I suppose. Kind of like skiing. I learned the hard way (and still am) that leaning back away from the slope is a bad idea, indeed.

We’re not dealing with a passive God. God has chosen you, grabbed you by the hand, and pulled you down the slope... Forward… Onward...

Sounds like fun, no?