A prayer of disdain

Our nation - our world is reeling right now.

I want to speak a prayer. A prayer for all of us. For our nation. For our world.

And more greatly, a prayer for the rioters and terrorists who raided our nation’s capitol yesterday.

Because right now, all I have for them is disdain. That’s all I got. Same thing for our system. The politary/military.police presence was vastly different during the BLM protests. And yesterday, with a majority of protestors having a lighter shade of skin, they seemed to give it a pass. Until the inevitable happened. And mayhem ensued.

I’m grieving right now as are so many. I’m angry at both sides of the partisan spectrum for this. We all lost yesterday. And no political ruler - Biden or Trump - can get us out of this. Sin runs so much deeper than political party (but the guy coming in sure looks a hell of a lot more solid on so many levels than the one going out).

These are my personal thoughts. I have little love for anyone in the matter right now. Nothing but bitterness and despair. That’s where I am.

But I pray that God speaks something new in us. Because as far as I can tell, we’re dead. We got nothing left. Our only move from here is putting each other in the grave.

Put an end to us wretched sinners, oh Lord. Before we do it ourselves. May our hearts not have to stop beating in our deaths and may your promise bring new life to all of us. May we be killed off and revived in your eternal word.


Grace + Godspeed,