A New Seminary and Hanging our Hats Under the Starry Skies of Northern California

A life update

Life has thrown some swift and drastic life changes our way - all good, not to worry! We've just had a lot of discerning to do. I figure I may as well get you all up to speed.

Where do I start? First of all, seminary...

After a fantastic first year at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, I've felt called to transfer to Wartburg Theological Seminary (the castle in the photo - that's my new school). They're located in Dubuque, Iowa, but I'll be doing their distance learning program. They've been dialing in the program for several years pre-COVID. The focus of the seminary was more aligned with where I am in my particular call and the distance learning thing is now uber-important. Here's why...

In early June, we decided to get on a plane and head out to Loyalton, CA for two weeks. It was so nice being close to family. So nice to be so close to the mountains and wide-open spaces. So nice seeing Rory being able to run around outside instead of being cooped up inside a 3rd-floor apartment in the city.

And then, it hit us... What if we were to just... MOVE HERE?! Holy sheezah, we weren't expecting that! After weeks of intense discussion and discernment, we decided to pull the trigger. A couple of weeks ago, I flew out to Chicago and (single-handedly, mind you) moved our stuff in a 20' Uhaul trailer to bring back to rural Northern California.

Since Rory has been doing so well doing school at home, we've decided to try the homeschool thing (because if our friends don't already think we're crazy Christians - now they certainly do).

So there it is. Ye olde life update...

Holy Trinity Lutheran in Chicago is still my home congregation. Metro Chicago is still my home synod. We'll likely be spending next summer there for my CPE (aka my hospital chaplaincy internship, which was postponed due to COVID). And who knows what the future may bring (especially as a someday-clergyperson with a LOT of ELCA churches in the midwest). But for now, we're hanging our hats under the starry eastern sierra skies.

As Ever,