A living faith

Faith is not just a set of doctrines or beliefs that live in our heads. 

Faith has everything to do with how we move through the world and how we interact with life. 

What kind of inner voice drives you? 

Is it one that you can trust, even on the heaviest of days?
Or is it one that badgers you? 

Is it for you?
Or against you?

This has real-life implications... It’s truly where the rubber meets the road...

Faith has to do with living, breathing, playing, and loving. 

It has to do with whether or not you’ll lend a hand to someone in need. It has to do with date nights with your beloved. And helping your kids with homework. 

It has to do with slow meals with neighbors and old friends (Jesus was a master of the slow meal). 

It has to do with laying on your back in the cool grass on a summer night and looking up at the endless expanse of sky that somehow doesn’t collapse on your head. 

How does that first snowfall of the year hit your heart? Is it miraculous? Is it an overbearing inconvenience? Does it even register? 

This all has to do with faith. 

Faith is about doing the things you love to do.
It has to do with aesthetics,
and food and sex and soil.

It has to do with our care for the environment.
It has to do with politics
and the way we structure and operate our world in communities. 

All of this is wrapped up in this thing we call faith.
All driven by a voice inside.
Is it a voice that we can trust?
Or not?

This is the mystery that lies at the heart of human consciousness. And it all has to do with faith.