A Guided Contemplative Exercise: Dialogue with the Crucified God


Holy Week is at hand, friends. The cross is approaching and Easter is upon us.

I recorded a contemplative exercise for you that I read and recorded from Fr. Richard Rohr’s latest book, The Universal Christ. It’s one of the most powerful guided meditations I’ve ever experienced.

I will warn you… It’s deep. It’s definitely a Good Friday meditation that puts us face-to-face with Jesus on the cross. But in order for resurrection to happen, we have to move through the crucifixion.

I was handed a non-sensical theology of the cross when I was a kid. It ended up ruining Christianity for me for a very long time. I couldn’t accept that God had to kill his son because of the bad things humans did/do. The Jesus-as-human-shield thing never cut it for me. It sounded a lot like divine child abuse.

I’m now JUST STARTING to learn more about a redemptive theology of the cross, but better later than never. A different take on the same thing that ruined my Christian faith is restoring it. Fr. Rohr has had a lot to do with this restoration, for sure.

If this is too much for you right now, that’s totally fine. Save this for later when your soul can bear it. But I want to invite you to give it a chance. I hope that, like me, you’ll end this exercise feeling a lot freer than you did when you first started listening to it.

Grace & Godspeed,