A Freedom Like No Other

There is a freedom that comes from the Christian faith. But it’s not a freedom like the freedom spoken of in our American culture. It’s not a freedom that prompts us to do whatever we want.

Christian freedom is a freedom that turns us to God and towards our neighbor.

In the egoic sense, this is not freedom at all. It’s absolute bondage.

But not in the Christian sense. When Christ hits one’s heart, one can’t help but fall on one’s knees in thanksgiving and praise. One can’t help but turn to one’s neighbor to lend a hand. It goes from being something that we HAVE TO DO into something we CAN’T HELP FROM DOING.

I fall short of this almost 100% of the time. But when it hits me, I’m starting to recognize it more and more for what it is. And it’s a total gift. Not a chore.

In this freedom, we give our thanks and praise.

Grace + Godspeed,