Rumination vs. Reflection

Back in my hardcore ‘Law of Attraction’ days (I’ve made peace with this part of my life), I used to sit and ruminate over the things I wanted...

I wanted that car, that girl, that amount of money, those people fed, that war to end, and a life that looked a certain way.

It was work. It was an effortful endeavor that — looking back, I realize — my ego was running the show on.

This, I believe, is the problem with the LoA (I’ll abbreviate) stuff out there today. It paints the picture of ‘Source’ being a kind of blank slate that I am to impress with the ego-based part of my mind. ‘Source’, then, is to take that impress and bring me whatever I draw up there.


But then I realized… Doesn’t this make ‘me’ (the ego-based version of ‘me’) the source?

The problem with most ‘Law of Attraction’ material out there is it puts my ego in the role of source.

Source isn’t something I speak into. 
Source is something that speaks into me.

That said, rumination isn’t only present when I’m doing this type mental/spiritual activity. It’s present when I’m proverbially banging my head against a wall trying to ‘figure out’ a problem. It’s present when I’m trying to rationalize my way through something I know I shouldn’t be doing. It’s present…

You get it…

Any time my brain hurts and I feel out of alignment with Source — I can be pretty sure that I’m ruminating.

But then there’s reflection...

When I discovered a different understanding of the mind that spoke of a universal intelligence that undergirds our every waking moment, I saw that there’s an infinite stream of potentiality that runs beneath thought at all times.

As thoughts float away, I can hear it like a stream in the woods (which is why it usually shows up in the shower, while working out at the gym, or fiddling around in the garage when I’m not ‘ruminating’ over much of anything).

This is when I switched the idea of ‘rumination’ into ‘reflection’.

Reflection is a releasing of thought (as much as possible) in order to see what shows up from Source (or ‘God’, or ‘The Force’, or ‘Mel Gibson’, or whatever you call it).

Reflection is a deep surrendering to the present moment.

Reflection is a release of effort and an embracing of a peaceful, energizing, informative, and fascinating communion with Source.

Reflect on that for a bit…

Warning: Putting one of those waterproof pens and whiteboards in the shower only turns your reflection time back into rumination time. You’re only cheating yourself (and significant others tend not to like those clunky things taking up precious shower space very much).

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