Centering Prayer: A Layperson’s Class

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

I can’t believe it’s ready… I can finally announce and invite you to my brand new online class. It’s the first class I’ve created in a couple of years, so the process has been slow-going, but so much fun!

The class is called A Layperson’s Class on Centering Prayer: Laying down the old inner creature and awakening the new one.

Some of you are familiar with centering prayer, but basically, it’s a modern form of contemplative prayer rooted in the Christian wisdom tradition (it involves no ideology, dogma, doctrine, etc. so as long as you’re open to hearing the words Jesus and God occasionally, it doesn’t matter which religion — if any — you identify with).

Centering prayer has been my go-to spiritual practice for the last couple of years and I’m so happy I was able to teach what I know about it so far. Taking a small amount of time to ‘lay down the old creature’ (egoic consciousness) and ‘awaken the new one’ (the one aligned with the ever-loving divine ground of being) has brought a profound sense of intimate connection with life.

The practice itself is simple (hence why it’s the perfect mindful practice for modern stressed out laypeople like you and me). It calls not for perfect technique or unwavering focus — in fact, the beauty of this practice is that it sees as a benefit our human propensity to get distracted:)

All-in-all, the class includes over 90 minutes of video content that you can download or stream right away. Also provided are PDF’s of the slides from the videos as well as my outline/script so you don’t have to frantically take notes during the class.

The class is $45 (or, it’s included if you’re a patron at the $20/month level or higher). There are more details at the link below (along with a spiffy video I made for the class), so I’ll just give you the link and stop blabbing…

Click here to learn more (and purchase, if you’d like).

A couple more things

You’ll see that if you purchase before April 5th, you’ll gain access to my private online group centering prayer session on Saturday, April 20th at noon Chicago time. The link to that session isn’t available yet, but if you purchase this class before April 2nd, mark your calendars and I’ll send it to you a few days before the 20th.

This class will be going offline (for how long, I’m not sure) on April 20th.

Alrighty! If you have any questions, etc. please don’t hesitate to reply back and ask away. I hope you enjoy the class and I look forward to hearing what you think!