Photo by mari lezhava

I’m currently going through the discernment process to enter seminary and eventually serve as clergy.

Note the word discernment...

In today’s day and age where anyone can take a 4-hour online course in something and become a ‘certified expert’, I’m really liking the slowness of this process.

There aren’t many professions around today that carry this level of intense apprenticeship and peer participation. It’s a process that involves my family, congregation, synod (the Lutheran version of a diocese), and seminary.

It’s not necessarily a yes/no kind of thing. It’s a constant conversation between myself and these parties to discern whether this path is or isn’t for me.

The end result is yet to be determined. I could write to you four years from now announcing my ordination or I could write to you next week or next year about how it all went haywire. My fate in this vocational path lies in so many bigger factors than my small, feeble ego which thinks it knows what’s best for me.

Discernment. Intention. Careful consideration. Scrutiny. Apprenticeship. I don’t know if it’s my age, but I’m really enjoying these old-school attributes of this vocational discernment process.