When God gives us more than we can handle

Photo by Sam Roach

You’ve probably heard the phrase, God only gives us what we can handle (or some variation of that).

Maybe it brought a sense of solace and security to your life. But if you’re like most mere mortals, you might have found that the notion runs into the brick wall of life at one point or another.

I’ve recently heard it put a slightly different way that resonates more truthfully to me. It goes something like this (as best as I can recall it, anyway)…

God gives us more than we can handle because it’s the only way we remember to include God in our lives.

Yes, it seems the divine doesn’t like being ignored.

Our Western individualism narrative is great for the movies and for daydreaming and whatnot, but life constantly gives us more than we can handle — not to break us, but rather to open us up to God.

I’m speaking of ‘God’ here (and in most places I write the word), not as a hesitant deity above the clouds who only gets involved after we croak, but as the ‘more-than’ inherent in our physical, human lives. This ‘more-than’ can come from a deeper well within us as well as the world around us and our brothers and sisters beside us.

God gives us more than we can handle so we can experience what living beyond our small individualistic selves feels like.

It’s quite a thing to experience. Just wish I could do it more often myself. We’re all works in progress — have mercy on each other.