Conservative and/or progressive

Photo by Marl Clevenger

It can seem like we’re either one or the other. But I’m starting to see that it may not be so… clean.

This post isn’t necessarily about the micro-levels of our political climate right now. I’m not talking particularly about Trump, the wall, the dems, or how a lot of people didn’t get paid today (sorry, I’ll stop)…

I’m talking more in general here.

Values-wise, the truth is, we all conserve some things and progress toward other things. Yes, we might tend to live on one end of the spectrum more so than the other. If you’re a hard-line progressive or conservative, you might think there’s NO WAY you’re any part of THAT side over there. But I’d ask you to look more closely.

I like to think that we’re all conservative and progressive at the same time. Maybe the question isn’t what side we’re on, but in what ways we’re doing each…

I always joke (albeit a serious joke) that I’m too conservative for liberals and too liberal for conservatives. It’s interesting living in that bigger, wider, less rigid ‘third space’. It gives me the freedom to move around the spectrum rather than stay confined to one end.

If we own the fact that we’re a little conservative and a little progressive, more opens up to us. We can empathize with people more.

It’s impossible to NOT conserve things from our past. And it’s impossible NOT to progress, grow, and evolve into — whatever it is God is pulling us.

Just a different way to look at it.

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