A prayer of release

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Dear God, 
none of it 
is mine to keep.

Please, take it all.

I sit here 
hands open 
and gazing towards you.

Take it, dear Divine.
Leave none of it sullied by my fumbling hands, 
shaking knees, 
or cracking voice.

Take all of it up into you, dear Lord.
I have no idea what I’m doing.
I’ve failed in so many ways.

However, I know 
that your love is branded on my soul
and your mercy and grace,

I turn to recognize
you now, 
dear Lord.

I breathe a sigh of relief
as my shoulders are lightened.

No matter how deeply my sins have cut,
I know that all is redeemed
in you.

Please, God 
may your guiding hands 
direct my trembling ones

I hold this life, 
our shared one, 
in deep reverence.

May I be assured 
that none of this has been affected 
by my small, 
But is rather part of a larger sphere
a more expansive realm
that remains untarnished by my pettiness and fear.

Oh lord, I pray
that you take it all

And may I be open 
to your healing and grace


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