Hey there, December…

Monthly digest from Jonas Ellison

December, it is. The last hurrah of 2018. Un-be-lievable how fast this one has gone.

Since returning to traditional liturgy this past year, one thing I’ve instituted in my life and in the work around this publication is being mindful of the seasons.

Advent just came around. With the darker days comes a time for rest, waiting, and preparing for the bursting forth of a new light in our lives and in the world.

I have a couple projects that I REALLY want to get out to you right now, but I’m being mindful, not just of the season, but of your inbox, dear reader. If yours is anything like mine, it’s bursting at the seams with promo after promo.

I can wait until the new year — it is nigh:)

My seminary adventure

If you’ve been following my story, you know that I was enrolled in an online, at-home ‘seminary’ (more like a certification) in the New Thought spiritual tradition a couple years ago (I was even helping a friend of mine open a spiritual center here in Chicago). You may also have read that things didn’t work out for me so much in the secular spirituality path. I questioned a lot of it and ultimately deconstructed it, thusly leaving seminary and the ministerial path.

Since stepping back into the Christian faith, the spark inside of me has been reignited to follow a vocation of spiritual servitude. And so, in the spring, I’ll be attending a real-life seminary here at LSTC (Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago). I’ll be starting with one class and if that works out (fingers crossed), I’ll be starting full-time in the fall of 2019.

Methinks the world needs pastors who can dance with faith in today’s postmodern, secular, pluralistic world. And well, I’m up for that challenge (call me a glutton for punishment). Wish me well. I’m only here because of the self-discovery of the blogging process as well as my interactions with you all.

Weekly Layman’s Lectionary Series

In order to take myself up on a challenge as well as prepare for my future vocation (hopefully), one thing I’ve done, as you may have seen last Sunday, is I’ve started a weekly lectionary series where — from my layman’s perspective — I’ll be sharing my thoughts about how daily life and culture center around the chosen scripture for the week.


I am no authority on the matter (even if I happen to make it through seminary alive, I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable calling myself an ‘authority’). I’m merely a layman with a strong opinion, a lot of questions, some healthy doubt, a shaky faith, and a platform. So please know that I don’t have the final word on any of this. The words I share here are merely my ever-shifting opinions that I’ll probably contradict at some point in the near future.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them. Here’s the one from last Sunday. Tune in on Sundays for more.

As Ever,

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Things I’m Reading Now

Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most

by Marcus J. Borg

Click to view on Amazon

Marcus J. Borg is one of the most influential authors in my life. He’s ushered me into the progressive Christian faith inspiring both my head and my heart. Before him, I really had no idea that a progressive Christian faith even existed.

This book — his last — is his most personal. He writes candidly about his strict conservative Lutheran upbringing, his deconstruction of that faith, his mystical experiences, and his emergence into the faith he’s shared with so many others. Whenever I think that I’m just some whacko liberal who’s intruding on a faith that’s inherently conservative and outmoded, I think of Marcus Borg and know that I’m in good company.