The work of a prophet

Photo by Viktor Juric

The prophet doesn’t end conversations…
She starts them. This is her motivation.

She’s not approaching this like an accountant, a surgeon, or a trial attorney. The point here isn’t to wrap this thing up nice and tidy.

There will be feelings hurt and relationships lost. Bridges will be burned and tears will flow across the most unintended cheeks. She isn’t getting out of this without an emotional flesh wound (maybe even a real one).

The prophet approaches her work with the posture of starting a fight, not finishing it.

The prophet knows her place. She isn’t a mercenary. She knows that physical violence just keeps the evil in circulation. And she’s not willing to let that happen. Her words are her missiles and her rapidly beating heart is her fuel reserves.

She taps into a well of wisdom that runs far deeper than her short history on this earth.

The prophet knows she may never live to see how things turn out. When the dust settles, she may be in the ground.

But without her voice — without her being the living and breathing impetus for this conversation to start — the corruption her soul rails against will remain intact.

And she can’t live with that possibility.