A haven of the living dead

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Anything anyone says about an afterlife is mere speculation, no matter how ornate their robes are when saying it. That being said, here’s a fun pondering that struck me the other day…

What if the afterlife (or, afterthislife, as might be better stated) was just like this world — but it was inhabited by people who’ve consciously experienced their deaths in the prior incarnation (this one). What if it was full of people who incarnated with a clear awareness of their lives and deaths in the life prior?

Death is the ultimate teacher in so many ways. Meditating on our mortality is a sure way to put things in perspective and help us live life to the fullest in any waking moment.

But until it happens, it’s merely a notion. If we were to have experienced physical death before, it’s wiped clean from our awareness (I suppose I should speak for myself, though).

They say, and I can imagine, that profound clarity happens during the moments prior to death. What if we could take that stuff into the next life? How would we all be different having consciously experienced the transformative, resurrecting effects of death?

What would we carry into our next incarnation if we lived through our deaths?

Might be a really interesting place.