Stumbling on a Sister: Memento Mori


This week, I’ve been writing a lot about how far off the rails our modern Western culture has gone in regards to All Hallows’ Eve this last century or so. For as much complaining as I’ve done, I also hope I’ve provided some ways in which you can bring a deeper, more meaningful, tranquil, reflective spirit to this sacred day.

Earlier this month, I stumbled upon a Sister...

No, not that kind of sister (I don’t have one). But a Roman Catholic Sister — a nun — that I came across on Instagram. This particular Sister is Theresa Aletheia and she’s wrapping up a 30-day series on Memento Mori (Latin: Remember, you will die) with posts such as this one…

It’s my favorite thing on the internet right now. And her story is an interesting one. Born into a religious family, she went hardcore Atheist in her teens then had a profound mystical conversion experience years later that brought her to the Sisterhood. Death and #mementomori is her main focus and I’m loving it.

Today, her mini-documentary (clocking in at under 8 minutes) went live on The Catholic Woman website. I wanted to share it with you here because it plays so well into what I believe the focus should be on All Hallows’ Eve.

Even if you’re not religious, methinks you might enjoy it anyway.